Travel photography resources

Information, tools and resources for planning and maximizing your travel photography

Travel photography tips

Tips and recommendations to help you maximize your travel photography from trip and site planning to safety abroad.


Travel photography links

Useful links to have handy for both the experienced and the novice travel photographer. Including links for great apps.

The gear

Camera, lenses and all the accessories needed for travel photography. Includes links for the equipment show.

Knowing your destination

A look into the tools and resources available online to help you become an expert on your destination before you arrive.

Photography apps

Information and links to great apps that are useful for travel photography including satelite and sun position guides..

Protecting your images

A look at a sample workflow for immediate and long term protection of your image files as well as cloud and external drive storage. 

Taking better travel photos

Composition fundamentals and basic techniques for turning vacation snapshots into great travel photos 

Smartphone apps

Information and links to great apps that for improving and sharing your travel photography with you smartphone.